Four misconceptions about Lyme disease


Nature lovers, who want to enjoy the forest and the grass, have a fear of ticks that does not allow them to relax fully. The fear is justified because these bloodsuckers transmit Lyme disease that is very dangerous.

Here are four misconceptions about this disease:

1. It is not a severe disease

The first professional and scientific explanations said the disease is mild and almost spontaneously cured. Some experts have even argued that the therapy is not necessary.

However, over time the clinical experience has shown that Lyme disease is severe and that it leaves consequences if not properly treated. The pathogen is very complex, and a development of the disease is very complex.

People should be educated before going to nature. This means that during their stay in nature, it is advisable to wear hats, long-sleeved shirts, long pants tucked into socks and also have the products against ticks, which are applied to clothing and skin.

On the other hand, it is dangerous to apply those products, especially on children, because they can come into contact with secretions. Antibiotics should not be used before going to nature, and you shouldn’t take them on your own initiative after a tick bite.

At the same time, the tick will be reviewed for the possible contamination of the spirochete.

3.It is treated with antibiotics

1vvvGiven the fact that the cause of this disease is bacteria, it would be logical to successfully treat it with antibiotics. However, bacteria have the property that changes its shape to a one on which antibiotics can not act.

Moreover, the infectious agent in the body is hidden in certain places in the organs and muscles where it is protected from the action of antibiotics and the immune system. In this way, it lives and after a while again reactivates, manifesting the symptoms and signs of the illness in the places where it hid.

4. Time is not a big factor

Symptoms and signs of this disease on organs are sometimes manifested in different periods of time. In any case, the Lyme disease should be suspected of when the multiple organs are affected – nervous system and joints, joints and structures of the eye or nervous system, joints and skin.

Lyme disease is caused by spirochete bacteria which can survive in all conditions. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are of primary importance. If not treated in time it will come to a chronic form of Lyme disease.

2fffBecause the Lyme disease is known to mimic other diseases, it may be in the form of the chronic disease that resembles multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease or ischemic cerebral infarct forms. All this is due to the low degree of inflammatory reaction to the cause in the body, which is usually manifested by inflammation of blood vessels and other affected organs and systems in the body.…