How To Hire Locum GP


The GP Locums

Provide easy ways of filling positions in organizations on temporary basis created by leaves, sickness of the permanent employees. It also enables professionals to gain experience in the field of expertise.

Hiring the GP

There are several things you have to put in consideration. First, the employer must determine whether the entire practice needs to be covered through insurance policies or not. In most cases, when no cover is required, the cost and liability of the GP locum are reduced.


  • 222oiuThe locum should ensure that the entity practices meet cost effectiveness.
  • The employee should consider taking malpractice insurance covers for the locum GP.
  • One should perform background checks before hiring the Locum GP. Provisions for terminating the locum GP should also be provided by the employer. This only occurs in events of contract breach. The employer needs to choose the dates he will be absent from the office early in advance.

A key office staff is then identified for whom he will show the locum GP around. In case the Locum is from a foreign country, an interpreter is sought in time. All these activities are done to ensure continuity and protection for the profession.


Another factor considered is the accommodation facilities. They can be provided in the local restaurants or in the organization premises. The hiring team may provide the locum a house.

  • The locum needs to arrive in the premises before the hiring physician leaves. This allows enough time for orientation in the offices and the society at large. This earliest arrival time is also included in the fees charged. The employer makes a list of patients long before the arrival of the locum.
  • Before leaving, the employer anticipates events which are up coming and tries to resolve. Before leaving, the employer provides contact information to the locum especially when he is unfamiliar.


  • The details of the locum are checked. The identity is proved, any evidence of experience and conduct in the provision of health care is analyzed. Documented analysis of the locum and employment history is also checked.

Finally, a written covenant must be signed between the locum and the employer. The Locum GP Plymouth will enable the locum to assume self-employed and act as a contract for the services. All the parties will be bound by this agreement.…