What are some of the most popular residential roofing options?


When you come to the conclusion that your roof needs repairs or certain modifications, you must take into consideration more than just a few patches here and there. If your roof is damaged and weakened in one area, it is highly likely that it will be weak in other areas. As well. Therefore, keep in mind that making your roof more durable and capable of withstanding severe weather conditions will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Professional roofing services

But, to make your roof more durable and/or aesthetically pleasing, you will need help from professional Roofers in Longview TX, who will inspect your roof and determine the best course of action. The city of Longview is known as one of the most rapidly growing cities in Texas and as a home to a good number of reputable roofing contractors. By hiring their services, you will be offered a plethora of options, when it comes to repairing or enhancing your roof.

Asphalt shingles

Some of the most popular residential roofing options are asphalt shingles. These are highly affordable, as well as durable. Asphalt shingles can be made from fiberglass or various organic materials, all of which are very durable. However, keep in mind that these shingles can tear very easily during heavy storms that take place during the hurricane season.

Pine or cedar shakes

2Another popular residential roofing option includes pine or cedar shakes. The main reason why these are so popular is the fact that they can substantially enhance the aesthetic look of a roof and house, general. These are made from perfectly eco-friendly materials that include the bark of dead trees that have already fallen down. While these shakes are very durable and aesthetically pleasing, they are somewhat expensive to buy and install. But, keep in mind that they can last you for many years, even decades, without needing any major repairs.

Metal roofs

Metal roofing has become quite popular in the last few years. The main reason behind this surge in popularity is the fact that metal is a very durable material that can last very long. A metal roofing can last almost 50 years before it needs to be fully repaired or replaced. The majority of metal roofs are constructed from corrugated galvanized steel that can withstand severe weather conditions. Another benefit of metal roofing is that it is fire resistant, as well.

Clay roofing options

While not as popular as previously mentioned options, clay roofing can also be an interesting option for those looking for something different. Clay can be purchased in a wide array of shapes and colors, thus offering plenty of customization options. It is also pretty inexpensive and easy to install.

Plants and vegetation

3Even though a bit unusual, plants and other forms of vegetation can be also used for roofing purposes. These can be placed on top of the loose soil that has been layered on the roof. After a while, the grass and other sturdy plants will grow and seed into the soil. As a result, a roof covered with these will provide excellent insulation during the colder days and absorb intense sunlight during the summer. If you prefer a natural look, these should probably be your number one option.

These were just some of the most …