Four Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women


Beautiful hair is seen as the crowning glory of any woman. Notably, everyone loses hair every day when showering, brushing, or when blow drying it. In most instances, severe hair loss or baldness is traditionally considered to be a man’s problems. However, it is a problem that affects most women too. As such, this articles looks at the common reasons behind weight loss in women and the possible remedies.

Genetic problemsqwqdswsDvcDSZcsd

Like in men, genetics features as one of the most common of hair thinning and subsequent losses. As such, if your mother or any other woman in your family has lost much hair in the past, there is a high likelihood that you are likely to lose some as well. By understanding your genetics, you should make an effort of preventing premature baldness before it hits. The best way is to look for possible solutions from your dermatologists.

Hormonal imbalances

Most women are susceptible to hormonal imbalances right after pregnancy. Some hormonal problems cause hair to fall. As such, some women will notice right after delivery. If you are convinced that your problems are attributed to hormonal issues, you should consult your doctor to devise the best way of balancing the hormones.

Nutritional deficiencies

Not looking at what you eat is a major reason most women complain of hair loss. However, this varies in different women. There are those that a slight nutritional imbalance is quickly noticed whereas there are those that take quite some time before they start losing significant amounts. As such, you should make an effort of taking natural vitamins or incorporating some dietary supplements into your lifestyle.

Hair Styling

asxasxsdvcsZDHow do you make your hair? Which products do you use? Most dermatologists have a close relationship between hair loss and how most women make their hair. As such, perms and styling products can cause hair breakage. The solution to this is to this problem is to avoid harsh styling products. Instead, you can use natural products to treat your hair gently.

Ideally, there are more reasons attributed to hair loss besides this. When struggling with abnormal hair loss, it is advisable to look at this hair loss cure guide. Moreover, you can also use conditioning treatments that strengthen hair and avoid anything that leads to hair loss.…